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Meet the DADS

Mark new pic.png

Mark Kuecker

Mark & Ellie

Ellie has an amazing spirit of joy and her hugs stop the world from spinning.  To me, she is a constant reminder of God’s genuine love.

Nick Norton

Nick & Gavin

Gavin is a loving big brother and son.  He brings a smile to our face with his singing and dancing, swimming, and wrestling with his little brother.  We love him so much!

nick and gavin.png
eric and devin.png

Eric Norman

Eric & Devin

Devin has provided me the opportunity to appreciate what people can do versus not.  I have gained patience and understanding and have learned how to communicate in a more clear manner.  I value every minute I can spend with him and am very happy he is in my life.

Rollin Biel

Rollin & Chloe

Chloe makes every day a good day no matter what else has happened. Her love of life and making sure we are all doing good puts everything in perspective.  You don’t end your day at our house without a hug from Chloe.

J and A.png

J.J. Arcishewsky

J.J. and Audrey

Audrey never ceases to amaze me or put a smile on my face. Being her Dad has changed my perspective on a lot of things in this life.

Jacob Dahl

Jake and Genevieve

Gigi is the youngest, and without her our family would be incomplete.  She is fun, stubborn, goofy, and the most loving girl, and I don’t remember life before her.

Jake and Gigi.jpg
Jim and Fox.jpg

Jim Funkhouser

Jim and Fox

Fox is full of energy and will bring a smile to anyone.  Fox has shed a new view on life that is amazing and I would not change it for the world.

Kris Waechter

Kris and Emma

 Emma is all heart and the embodiment of unconditional love.  Her smile is nothing short of radiant and can instantly brighten any day.  She is our miracle child and can't imagine life without her.  

Dads - Kris.png
Mike and Addi_edited.jpg

Mike Adams

Mike and Addison 

 Addison has taught me to enjoy the simple things in life and to be a better person everyday.   

Tyson Garst

Tyson, Margaret, and Emerson 

Margaret is the lovable princess.  Emerson is sweet and snuggly.  They have fun everyday with their three brothers.  M and Em were diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at birth.  We are blessed on God’s journey to appreciate the little things in life.  

Tyson and fam.jpg
Brooklyn and Jason Tonjes.jpg

Jason Tonjes

Jason and Brooklyn 

If you told me 18 years ago as we enter her Sr. year of high school that we would be filling out college applications and making visits to universities I would have thought you were joking.  So excited to see the next chapter in her life unfold...  

Kris Turner

Kris and Phoebe 

Phoebe is kind, funny, loves dogs and babies.   Many who meet her are quite taken by her and say how lucky she is to be here with us.  Although that may be true, her Mother, Sister and I are truly the lucky ones having been given the opportunity to have her as our daughter!  

Kris and Phoebe.jpg
Kurt and Max.jpeg

Kurt Boustead

Kurt and Max 

Max amazes us everyday with his curiosity, humor and wit! He really does light up a room and makes fast friends where ever he goes! While we do have challenges from time to time, Max’s love for life makes everyday a good day! 

Jason Gohr

Jason and Dez 

When Dez was born we thought we would have to provide him with more than we were even capable of.   However, we quickly learned that Dez would be the one that provided us with more than we could ever have imagined.   He continues to be our never-ending gift from God. 

jason and dez.jpg
eric and noah.jpg

Eric Swanson

Eric and Noah 

Noah has an unmatched spirit of joy.  We celebrate what others may consider to be small accomplishments.  His excitement is contagious!  Noah is truly a blessing to our family.

Mitchell McVicker

Mitchell and Connell 

Connell is sunshine is human form. He’s our silly, smart, wild boy made of pure love and joy.  He is the best part of every day and continues to amaze us with everything he does. He’s shown me he’s capable of anything and taught me to slow down and appreciate each moment and inch stone.

mitchell and C.jpeg
josh and jennessa.jpg

Josh Kimminau

Josh and Jenessa  

Jenessa is one of the most amazing people. She loves genuinely and wholeheartedly. To know Jenessa is to know LOVE and ACCEPTANCE!

Joel VanderVeen

Joel and Sam  

For years Sam has been teaching us to not underestimate him.  With a little help, he finds ways to succeed.  Dad couldn’t be more grateful for God putting us on a path together, and for so many helpers that have been there for Sam.

Sam and Joel .jpg
john and miles.jpeg

John Kundra

John and Miles  

Miles has taught me to slow down and enjoy the wins in life.  We get so busy with our day to day stuff we miss out on memories.  Watching Miles get excited about something he has done or achieved is the greatest joy of my life.   

Rob Howell

Rob and Luke  

Luke is the 9th of 10 children and he is very much his own personality. He loves to give hugs and loves to dress up in any kind of clothing. He is an escape artist that has a smile that will melt your heart!! We love our Lukey Pooky! 

rob and luke.jpeg

More Coming Soon...

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